Ciclo di seminari del Dr. Richerd F. Mollica

28-30-31 Maggio 2019, ciclo di seminari del Dr. Richard F. Mollica

Martedì, 21 Maggio, 2019

Il Dipartimento di Psicologia dei Processi di Sviluppo e Socializzazione organizza il ciclo di seminari a cura del visiting professor, Dr. Richard F. Mollica


Richard F. Mollica, is the Director of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma (HPRT) of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The multi-disciplinary program has been pioneering the health and mental health care of traumatized refugees and civilians in areas of conflict/post-conflict and natural disasters for over two decades. Working closely with Ministries of Health throughout the world, HPRT has developed community-based mental health services primarily in existing local primary health care systems. The attention posed to refugees’ social context is a hallmark of the program. The training activities of the program have been successfully conducted in Europe, Asia and the United States. HPRT’s landmark scientific studies have demonstrated the medical and mental health impact of mass violence as well as the cultural effectiveness of its clinical treatment and training programs. 
Through a path of three seminars Dr. Mollica will introduce theories and methods of intervention developed in the HPRT.

Dove e quando:

Martedì 28 Maggio 2019 ore 15.00 aula 11
Giovedì 30 Maggio 2019 ore 15.00 aula 7
Venerdì 31 Maggio 2019 ore 11.00 aula 8

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