Seminario "Same-sex parents in Israel: Social and psychological aspects"

Dr Geva Shenkman
Giovedì, 27 Aprile, 2017
Il Dipartimento di Psicologia dei Processi di Sviluppo e Socializzazione organizza il seminario "Same-sex parents in Israel: Social and psychological aspects", a cura di Geva Shenkman Lachberg, Ph.D. Clinical psychologist School og Psychology, IDC, Herzliya, Israel.
In the current talk I will present studies exploring same-sex families in the unique Israeli sociocultural climate, which is at a juncture between the preservation of religiously based norms of the traditional nuclear family structure and the emergence of alternative family models. I will focus on studies examining frequencies of the desires and likelihood estimations of Israeli gay men regarding fatherhood, psychological welfare, perceived parental role, and meaning in life among Israeli gay and heterosexual fathers, and basic need satisfaction in the couple relationship and personal growth among Israeli lesbian and heterosexual mothers. Current findings on meaning in life among Israeli middle-aged and older gay fathers will also be discussed. Lastly, I will address some remarks for practitioners and mental health professionals who work with same-sex families.


Dr. Geva Shenkman Lachberg Ph.D., Clinical psychologist
School of Psychology, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel
Mercoledì, 3 Maggio 2017 dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 12.00

Aula Ponzo, piano 3
Facoltà di Medicina e Psicologia
Via dei Marsi 78, Roma

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