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Seminario "Social-emotional development: foundations for healthy behavior"

 foto Dr. Tina Malti
Giovedì, 27 Aprile, 2017
Il Dipartimento di Psicologia dei Processi di Sviluppo e Socializzazione organizza il seminario "Social-Emotional Development: Foundations for Healthy Behavior", a cura di Tina Malti, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.
Early experiences of peer victimization can have serious negative effects on children’s social-emotional development and behavioral health. Thus, understanding the underlying psychological processes that contribute to prosocial behavior and impede aggression in contexts of moral conflict and peer victimization is critical. In this talk, I will discuss how other-oriented feelings of sympathy and respect and self-evaluative feelings of guilt in contexts of moral conflict are linked to children’s behavioral responses to such conflicts. I will also explore associations between social emotion, prosocial behavior and aggression, both cross-sectionally and across time. Lastly, I will discuss implications of these lines of research for current theorizing on developmental links between emotional and behavioral responses to social conflicts in the early years.
Tina Malti, PhD,Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto (CDN)
Giovedì, 4 Maggio 2017 ore 14.00
Aula E. Ponzo, 3° piano
Facoltà di Medicina e Psicologia
Via dei Marsi 78, Roma