Workshop “Practical Approaches for Managing Stress in traumatic situations and everyday life!"

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Giovedì, 29 Settembre, 2016

Il Dipartimento di Psicologia dei Processi di Sviluppo e Socializzazione organizza il workshop Practical Approaches for Managing Stress in traumatic situations and everyday life!" con Harvey Skinner, PhD, CPsych, FCAHS Professor, Faculty of Health, York University, Toronto, Canada (CDN) e Susan Harris, MSW, RSW, York University, Toronto, Canada (CDN).

We all encounter stress – affecting the health of our body, mind and emotions – in our daily lives that at times can be difficult to manage. In addition, there are more traumatic stresses due to situations such as natural disasters (eg. floods, earthquakes), violence and conflicts including refugees, and prolonged social deprivation – poverty. Professional mental health care has limits because it is accessible to only a few. Practical approaches are needed that can help us reach out, teach and help people, communities and even whole populations. This Workshop, building on the foundational work of Patricia Mathes Cane, will introduce Capacitar exercises ( that lead to healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and in the world. Through skill-based learning, workshop participants will see how these simple ancient techniques (eg.breath work, switching, Tai Chi, finger holds, pressure points) can empower us to live with peace and wellbeing despite what is occurring around us. And, these practices can be readily taught and used in a wide range of contexts. The Workshop will also draw on approaches from the extensive experience of Susan Harris in using wisdom and compassion practices of Mindfulness Meditation with people living with trauma, and the expertise of Harvey Skinner in using Motivational Interviewing and Complexity Science for positive behavior change with people and organizations.

Attenzione: la partecipazione è gratuita ma a causa del numero limitato di posti è necessaria la prenotazione all’indirizzo

Prof.ssa Emma Baumgartner -

Harvey Skinner, PhD, CPsych, FCAHS Professor, Faculty of Health, York University, Toronto, Canada (CDN)
Susan Harris, MSW, RSW, York University, Toronto, Canada (CDN)

Giovedì, 29 Settembre 2016, ore 11:00

Aula 6,
II Piano, Facoltà di Medicina e Psicologia
Via dei Marsi 78, Roma

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