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Investing again or withdraw? How is possible to predict the probability of continuing in a failing investment: sunk-costs and regulatory modes.
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Clara Amato,Siracusa il 19/04/1984 (Italy). Graduation in Psychology (2007). Ph.D. in Work and Organizational Psychology (2011). Post-Doctoral Fellow in Social Psychology (2011-2012; 2015-2016). PRIN - Research Program of National Interest, financed by the Itaian Ministry for University and Research, University of Siena (2014-2015) and University of Rome (2013). Adjuct Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Perugia (2013-2015) and European University of Rome (2008-2012). Deputy Director of Specialization courses in Psycho-diagnosis, Psycho-oncology, and Health Institution Management, Activamentis - Scientific and Cultural inter-university Institution, Rome (2010- present).

Activities and researches

Clara Amato

Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Affiliation: Department of Social & Developmental Psychology - University of Rome, “Sapienza”

Her research interests focus on understanding motivational processes. Given that motivation is the underpinning factor of every action and it constitutes a pervasive construct in social psychology, her research interests extend over a wide range of areas including self-regulation, epistemic motivations, cognitive biases, entrepreneurial intention and attitudes towards entrepreneurial initiatives, subjective experiences of time, principles of compliance with social power and leadership-followers’ interactions.

Her current work seeks to understand how self-regulation and motivated social cognition work in various domains of real-life (i.e., economic, organizational, entrepreneurial, gender stereotypes in leadership). Additionally, her research examines the relationship between regulatory mode and time perception, by exploring how we can value time as precious as it is and how to use it effectively.

The relevance of these topics has led her to collaborate with several international teams of research and with world-renowned professors, such as Arie W. Kruglanski, from University of Maryland; Robert Baron, from University of Oklahoma; Antonio Pierro from University of Rome.

She earned her master’s degree and doctorate in Social and Organizational Psychology from the University of Rome, LUMSA.




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