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In 2006 she has obtained her PhD on Social Representations and Communication. In the course of the same year, she has collaborated to one of the research projects on social representations funded by the International Foundation Balzan.

In 2007 she was awarded a post-doc fellowship at the Department Psychology of Developmental and Socialization Processes – Faculty of Psychology 2 - ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome.

Since 2008 she is a full time researcher at the Department Psychology of Developmental and Socialization Processes – Faculty of Psychology 2 - ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome.

Among other areas related to social psychology, she currently works on the following research fields: social representations and entreprise communication strategy, analysis of the behaviour of potential e-commerce clients, social representations of internet and risk. 

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Selected publications : 

de Rosa, A.S., Bocci, E. & Dryjanska, L. (2019). Social Representations of the European Capitals and Destination@-branding via Multi-channel Web Communication. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 11, 150-165 ( [ISSN: 2212-571X]

de Rosa, A.S., Bocci, E. & Dryjanska, L. (2018). The Generativity and Attractiveness of Social Representations Theory from Multiple Paradigmatic Approaches in Various Thematic Domains: An Empirical Meta-theoretical Analysis on Big-data Sources from the Specialised Repository SoReCom A.S. de Rosa’ @-library. Papers on Social Representations, 27 (1), 6.1-6.35

de Rosa, A.S. & Bocci, E. (2014). Place @-Branding and European Capitals: City Visiting Cards via Municipal Websites, Virtual Tours Flying with Google Earth and Conversational Exchanges via Social Networks. In IRMA (Ed.). Hospitality, Travel & Tourism: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools & Applications. (pp. 314-345). IGI Global: Hershey.

de Rosa, A.S., Fino, E. & Bocci, E. (2013). Addressing Healthcare On-Line Demand and Supply relating to Mental Illness: knowledge sharing about psychiatry and psychoanalysis through SN in Italy and France. In A. Kapoor & C. Kulshrestha (Eds). Dynamics of Competitive Advantage and Consumer Perception in Social Marketing.(pp. 16-55). IGI Global:Hershey

de Rosa, A.S. & Bocci, E. (2012). Resisting cognitive polyphasia in the social representations of madness. In A.S. de Rosa (Ed.). Social Representations in the "social arena”. (pp. 245-310). Routledge: New York – London. [ISBN 978-0-415-59119-5].

de Rosa, A.S., Bocci, E. & Saurini, S. (2012). Risk Perception as a Motivational Barrier for On-line Purchasing. In S. Zappalà & C. Gray (Eds.). Impact of e-Commerce on Consumers and Small Firms. (pp. 235-248). Ashgate: London. [ISBN: 0754644162].


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