Di Donato Daniela

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Biographical notes: 

Libriary director until 2005,  I teach at middle school: history, geography and italian. PhD student with a research on learning and assessment in educational teaching technologies, I am a trainer on Cooperative Learning, the inclusive use of technologies in teaching, Byod and assessment process. I'm a trainer for the Flipnet Association, which spreads the Flipped Classroom in Italy. I have two university Masters in Didattica and psicopedagogia dei Dsa and dell'Adhd and I'm Tutor of the Italian Dyslexia Association. In 2016 I was nominated in the Intel Education Visionaries Group, in 2017 I was among the fifty finalists of the Italian Teacher Prize and I was included by the Minister Fedeli in the Working Group on the use of personal devices in the classroom. I write in online magazines: Agenda Digitale.eu and Next Learning.

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