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Marilena Fatigante is assistant professor in Social Psychology since 2010. She does qualitative research  by means of ethnographic observation, videorecording and detailed analysis  of everyday interactions, in both ordinary and institutional contexts. Her expertise includes the study of language socialization processes  in families and schools, and the study of conversational interactions examined through  ethnographic observation,  and Conversation Analysis applied to doctor-patient communication (primarily in oncological setting), to classroom interactions and to interactions in therapeutic and rehabilitation contexts addressed to children and their families. 

She counts an international collaboration withf the Department of Anthropology of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and, since 2013,   with the School of Education of the University of Berkeley (UCB) on topics related to communicative practices (mediated through written artifacts) in doctor –patient setting and to practices of medical education . She currently teaches Socialization in educational contexts and Social Psychology to students of Health Management; she tutors PhD students within the PhD programme  in Social, Developmental  and Educational Psychology; she is member of LINCLaboratory ( (Language, Interaction and Culture, Director: Cristina Zucchermaglio); she is member of the Ethical Committee  of the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology and Departmental Delegate on the Internationalization.

Activities and researches

Research interests

- doctor-patient interaction (focus on oncology and  medical interactions with non-native patients)

-analysis of family interactions

-  transcription practices

- Conversation Analysis

- analyses of narratives in interviews

- informed consent in ethnographic research and video-research;

- ethics and reflexivity in qualitative research.

Selected publications : 

Fatigante, M. Alby, F, Zucchermaglio, C, Baruzzo, M. (2016) Formulating treatment recommendation as a logical consequence of the diagnosis in post-surgical oncological visits, Patient Education and Counselling, doi:10.1016/j.pec.2016.02.007

Fatigante , M., Biassoni , F.,  Marazzini , F., Diadori , P. (2016) Responsibility and Culpability in Apologies: Distinctive Uses of “Sorry” versus “I'm Sorry” in Apologizing. Discourse Processes ,  53, (1-2). 10.1080/0163853X.2015.1056696

Alby, F., Baruzzo, M.,  Fatigante, M.,  Zucchermaglio, C. (2015). Diverse prospettive di oncologo e paziente: la co-costruzione di una comprensione condivisa nella fase di anamnesi. Salute e Società, 2, 37-59.

Fatigante, M., Bafaro, S.,  Orsolini, M. (2015). " ‘And You? What Do You Think Then?’ Taking Care of Thought and Reasoning in Intellectual Disability ". The Palgrave Handbook of Child Mental Health. Palgrave Macmillan, pp 597–617.

Alby F., Fatigante M., Zucchermaglio C. (2014) "What participants would like to know about research: beyond a formal procedure of informed consent in social psychology." Nordic Psychology, 66, 2: 71-93

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