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Coordinatore Scuola di dottorato in Scienze Psicologiche - corso di dottorato in Psicologia Sociale, dello Sviluppo e Ricerca Educativa
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Activities and researches

Social Psychology: Epistemic Motivation. Small group process and dynamics. Norms Transmission within group. Social simulation. Advanced statistics and methods for social psychology
Applied Psychology: Socialization in workgroup and organization. Norms transmission in family. Leadership. Personality, attitudes and behavioral intentions. Team composition and in sport teams.
Economic Psychology : Social cognition and visual exploration of Advertisment. User acceptance of Technology.

Selected publications : 

Livi , S., Theodorou, A., Rullo, M., Cinque, L., & Alessandri, G. (2018). The rocky road to prosocial behavior at work: The role of positivity and organizational socialization in preventing interpersonal strain. PloS one, 13(3), e0193508.


Mazzuca, S., Kafetsios, K., Livi, S., & Presaghi, F. (2018). Emotion regulation and satisfaction in long-term marital relationships: The role of emotional contagion. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 0265407518804452.

Livi, Stefano, et al. "Motivated Shield From Chronic Noise Environment: Moderation of the Relationship Between Noise Sensitivity and Work Wellbeing by Need for Closure." Frontiers in Psychology 9 (2018).

Farnese, M. L., Livi, S., Barbieri, B., & Schalk, R. (2018). “You Can See How Things Will End by the Way They Begin”: The Contribution of Early Mutual Obligations for the Development of the Psychological Contract. Frontiers in psychology, 9.


Farnese, M. L., Bellò, B., Livi, S., Barbieri, B., & Gubbiotti, P. (2016). Learning the ropes: The protective role of mentoring in correctional police officers’ socialization process. Military Psychology, 28(6), 429-447.

Rullo, M., Monaco, S., Giannini, F., Livi, S., & Presaghi, F. (2018). In the name of truth: People’s reactions to ingroup and outgroup members who self-disclose a severe error. The Social Science Journal.


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