Salvati Marco

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Rappresentante degli studenti in Giunta
Rappresentante degli studenti in C.d.D.
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Explicit and implicit attitudes toward gay and lesbian scenarios and traditional gender roles: sexual orientation, sexual stigma and perceived masculinity/femininity
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12 mesi
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Selected publications : 

Salvati, M., Baiocco, R. & Chiorri, C. (2019). The relationships between Dispositional Mindfulness, Sexual Prejudice and Internalized Sexual Stigma among Heterosexual, Gay and Bisexual Men. Mindfulness. Advance online publication (IF = 3.00)

Salvati, M., Piumatti, G., Giacomantonio, M., & Baiocco, R. (2019). Gender Stereotypes and Contact with Gay Men and Lesbians: The Mediational role of Sexism and Homonegativity. Community and Applied Social Pstchology. (IF = 1.33)

Giacomantonio, M., Salvati, M., & Mancini, F. (2019). Am I Guilty or Not? Deontological Guilt, Uncertainty and Checking Behavior. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Advance online publication. (IF = 1.55)

Salvati, M., Carone, N., De Cristofaro, V.,  Giacomantonio, M., & Baiocco, R. (2019). Support to Discriminatory Behaviors against Immigrants in Italy: Perceived Threat and Positive Beliefs Mediate the Effect of Contact with Immigrants. International Journal of Psychology. (IF = 1.61)

Salvati, M., Pistella, J., Giacomantonio, M., & Baiocco, R. (2018). Lesbians' Negative Affect toward Sexual Minority People with Stereotypical Masculine and Feminine Characteristics. International Journal of Sexual Health, 30(2), 162-176. (IF = 1.24)

Salvati, M., Pistella, J., & Baiocco, R. (2018). Gender Roles and Internalized Sexual Stigma in Gay and Lesbian Persons: A Quadratic Relation. International Journal of Sexual Health, 30(1), 42-48. (IF = 1.24)


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