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I am a post-doctoral fellow for the Study of Children’s Socio-emotional Competences in the Department of Developmental and Social Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome. I completed my PhD in Developmental Psychology in 2012 from Sapienza University of Rome. I am also a licensed clinical child psychologist.

Activities and researches

My research interests focus on the role of socio-emotional development and the quality of the teacher-child relationship on peer relationships and social behaviour in the early years. In addition, I am interested in identifying the protective emotional and social factors (e.g., emotion knowledge, teacher-child relationship quality) that can help shy children avoid peer rejection and social maladjustment. I also have an interest in the development and evaluation of assessment tools to measure young children’s social relationships, social-emotional development, and school adjustment.

Selected publications : 

Sette, S., Bassett, H. H., Baumgartner, E. & Denham, S. A. (2015). Structure and Validity of Affect Knowledge Test (AKT) in a Sample of Italian Preschoolers. The Journal of Genetic Psychology. Advance online publication.doi:10.1080/00221325.2015.1075466

Bruni, O., Sette, S., Fontanesi, L., Baiocco, R., Laghi, F., & Baumgartner, E. (2015). Technology use and sleep quality in preadolescence and adolescence. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 11, 1433-1441

Pecora, G., Sette, S., Baumgartner, E., Laghi, F., & Spinrad, T. (2015). The moderating role of internalizing negative emotionality in the relation of self-regulation to social adjustment in Italian preschool aged children. Cognition and Emotion. Advance online publication.doi: 10.1080/02699931.2015.1074547

Sette, S., Baumgartner , E., & MacKinnon, D. (2015). Assessing social competence and behavior problems in a sample of Italian preschoolers using the social competence and behavior evaluation scale (SCBE). Early Education and Development, 26, 46-65. doi: 10.1080/10409289.2014.941259

Sette, S., Baumgartner, E., & Schneider, B. (2014). Shyness, child-teacher relationships, and socio-emotional adjustment in a sample of Italian preschool-aged children. Infant and Child Development, 23,323-332. doi: 10.1002/icd.1859

Sette, S., Spinrad, T., & Baumgartner, E. (2013). Links Among Italian Preschoolers' Socio-Emotional Competence, Teacher-Child Relationship Quality And Peer Acceptance. Early Education and Development. doi: 10.1080/10409289.2013.744684.


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