Talamo Alessandra

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Scientific-disciplinary areas: 
Responsabile del Laboratorio IDEaCT - User Experience Unit.

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Biographical notes: 

Alessandra Talamo, Ph.D., is Head of Dept of Developmental and Social Psychology.

She is Associate Professor in Technological Innovation and Organizational Processes in the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She has been teaching and conducted research since 1989 in the field of Social and Organizational Psychology. Since 2007 she is Chair of the Interaction Design Jointlab IDEaCT (Interaction Design and Communication Technologies), and in 2012 also the Director of the Master Degree in User Experience at Sapienza University of Rome. She has been Cofounder of the network CODESIGN for connecting professionals and academics in the Interaction Design practice and in processes dealing with Social Innovation. In her long experience Alessandra has participated in several European projects. She acts as consultant and trainer in the field of User Experience for small enterprises and big industries.

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