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Ankica Kosic is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza - University of Rome. She got a PhD degree in Social Psychology from Sapienza - University of Rome in 1999. In the period of 2006 to 2008, she was a Senior Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Kingston University, United Kingdom working on the research project "Promoting reconciliation among young people in Croatia and the Northern Ireland". From 2001- 2006 she worked as a Research Fellow at the European University Institute in Italy, where she was involved in four large-scale research projects.

Attività e ricerca

Her research interest concerns the issues of immigrant integration, intergroup relationships, stereotypes and prejudice, and the process of reconciliation in post-conflict areas.

Pubblicazioni in evidenza: 

Ramelli, M., Florack, A., Kosic, A., & Rohmann, A. (2013). Being prepared for acculturation: on the importance of the first month after immigrants enter a new culture. International Journal of Psychology, 48, 363-373.


Kosic, A., & Livi, S. (2012). A study of perceived parental communication and propensity toward reconciliation among youth in Vukovar (Croatia). Journal of Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe, 11, 45-74.

Kosic, A. & Bonaiuto, M. (2012). I fattori determinanti della partecipazione degli immigrati nelle attività civiche e politiche in Italia. Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights, 16, 195 – 228.

Kosic, A., Phalet, K., & Mannetti, L. (2012). Ethnic categorization: the role of epistemic motivation, prejudice and perceived threat. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 34, 66-75.

Kosic, A., Noor, M., & Mannetti, L. (2012). The Propensity Toward Reconciliation Among Young People in Northern Ireland and Croatia: the Role of Conflict Management Styles within the Family. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 15, 3-19.

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