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Prejudice toward first and second-generation immigrants in relation to different social-psychological factors (moral foundations, need for closure, moral perception, and uncertainty perception)
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12 mesi
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2018 PhD in Social Psychology at the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome. Dissertation: “On the role of the need for closure in the adoption of newcomer’s innovative ideas: The dynamic interplay of group and newcomer’s epistemic authority” Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Livi. Final evaluation: with honors.

2015 Master's degree in Health Clinical and Community Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome. Dissertation: "Perceived Ability to Find a Job, Individual Experience of Unemployment and Psychosocial Characteristics in a Sample of Unemployed Subjects". Supervisior: Prof. Cristiano Violani. Final evaluation: with honors.

2013 Bachelor's degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques for Intervention on the Person, Group and Institutions, Sapienza University of Rome. Dissertation: "The Greek Artist and the Economic Crisis: Testimonies and Expressive Landscapes". Supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo Padiglione.

Date of Birth:  May 12, 1992.

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