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Elenco delle pubblicazioni scientifiche che rappresentano le linee di ricerca e le attività degli assegnisti e borsisti di ricerca e dei frequentatori scientifici del dipartimento, scelte da ognuno di essi e visibili anche nelle pagine personali: è possibile che vi siano titoli duplicati.

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Mosca Oriana Frequentatore scientifico Non inserito
  • Lauriola, M., Mosca, O., Trentini, C., Foschi, R., Tambelli, R., & Carleton, R. N. (2018). The Intolerance of Uncertainty Inventory: Validity and Comparison of Scoring Methods to Assess Individuals Screening Positive for Anxiety and Depression. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 388.

Lauriola, M., Mosca, O., & Carleton, R. N. (2016). HIERARCHICAL FACTOR STRUCTURE OF THE INTOLERANCE OF UNCERTAINTY SCALE SHORT FORM (IUS-12) IN THE ITALIAN VERSION. TPM: Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology, 23(3).

Mosca, O., Dentale, F., Lauriola, M., & Leone, L. (2016). Applying the Implicit Association Test to Measure Intolerance of Uncertainty. Psychological reports, 119(1), 55-70.

Mosca, O., Lauriola, M., & Carleton, R. N. (2016). Intolerance of Uncertainty: A Temporary Experimental Induction Procedure. PloS one, 11(6), e0155130.

Lauriola, M., Foschi, R., Mosca, O., & Weller, J. (2016). Attitude toward ambiguity: Empirically robust factors in self-report personality scales. Assessment, 23(3), 353-373.

Patrizi Nazarena Assegnista di ricerca Non inserito

Biasi, V., Ciraci, A.M., Patrizi, N. & Domenici G.  (2015). An Innovative E-Learning Training for Teachers based on the Flexibility of Information Processing. SSR-SSI 2015 International Conference on Social Sciences and Information, November 29-30, 2015, Tokyo, Japan. Published by Singapore Management and Science Institute, Yun Du (ed.), X. ISBN 978-961-09-6304-0

Biasi, V., Bonaiuto, P., Patrizi, N.  & Levin, J.M. (2015). The Effectiveness of Clinical Colloquium Established by the “Drawing Recall” Technique in University Counselling Services for Student Mental Health, Health,  7, 521-532. Published Online May 2015 in SciRes.

Biasi, V., Mallia, L., Menozzi, F.  & Patrizi, N.  (2015). Adaptive Functioning and Behavioral, Emotional and Social Problems of Italian University Students: Indications for the University Counseling Services, 6th World conference on Psychology Counseling and Guidance, 14 - 16 May 2015, Procedia - Social And Behavioral Sciences  205, 66-69.

Biasi, V.,  Bonaiuto, P.,  Patrizi N. & Levin, J.M. (2015). Personality Differences in Perception: The Role of Incongruity Intolerance and Mental Schemata on Aesthetic Preferences, Psychology, 6, 1732-1740  Published Online October 2015 in SciRes (;

Domenici, G., Biasi, V., & Patrizi, N. (2016). Fundamentos Psicopedagógicos de la Estrategia Didáctica Flexible Integradas para Individualizar la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje. In AA.VV., Memorias, 10° Congreso Internacional de Educación Superior “Universidad 2016”, Cuba.

Salvati Marco Assegnista di ricerca Non inserito

Salvati, M., Baiocco, R. & Chiorri, C. (2019). The relationships between Dispositional Mindfulness, Sexual Prejudice and Internalized Sexual Stigma among Heterosexual, Gay and Bisexual Men. Mindfulness. Advance online publication (IF = 3.00)

Salvati, M., Piumatti, G., Giacomantonio, M., & Baiocco, R. (2019). Gender Stereotypes and Contact with Gay Men and Lesbians: The Mediational role of Sexism and Homonegativity. Community and Applied Social Pstchology. (IF = 1.33)

Giacomantonio, M., Salvati, M., & Mancini, F. (2019). Am I Guilty or Not? Deontological Guilt, Uncertainty and Checking Behavior. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Advance online publication. (IF = 1.55)

Salvati, M., Carone, N., De Cristofaro, V.,  Giacomantonio, M., & Baiocco, R. (2019). Support to Discriminatory Behaviors against Immigrants in Italy: Perceived Threat and Positive Beliefs Mediate the Effect of Contact with Immigrants. International Journal of Psychology. (IF = 1.61)

Salvati, M., Pistella, J., Giacomantonio, M., & Baiocco, R. (2018). Lesbians' Negative Affect toward Sexual Minority People with Stereotypical Masculine and Feminine Characteristics. International Journal of Sexual Health, 30(2), 162-176. (IF = 1.24)

Sette Stefania Assegnista di ricerca Non inserito

Sette, S., Bassett, H. H., Baumgartner, E. & Denham, S. A. (2015). Structure and Validity of Affect Knowledge Test (AKT) in a Sample of Italian Preschoolers. The Journal of Genetic Psychology. Advance online publication.doi:10.1080/00221325.2015.1075466

Bruni, O., Sette, S., Fontanesi, L., Baiocco, R., Laghi, F., & Baumgartner, E. (2015). Technology use and sleep quality in preadolescence and adolescence. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 11, 1433-1441

Pecora, G., Sette, S., Baumgartner, E., Laghi, F., & Spinrad, T. (2015). The moderating role of internalizing negative emotionality in the relation of self-regulation to social adjustment in Italian preschool aged children. Cognition and Emotion. Advance online publication.doi: 10.1080/02699931.2015.1074547

Sette, S., Baumgartner , E., & MacKinnon, D. (2015). Assessing social competence and behavior problems in a sample of Italian preschoolers using the social competence and behavior evaluation scale (SCBE). Early Education and Development, 26, 46-65. doi: 10.1080/10409289.2014.941259

Sette, S., Baumgartner, E., & Schneider, B. (2014). Shyness, child-teacher relationships, and socio-emotional adjustment in a sample of Italian preschool-aged children. Infant and Child Development, 23,323-332. doi: 10.1002/icd.1859

Theodorou Annalisa Assegnista di ricerca Non inserito Non inserite

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