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Elenco delle pubblicazioni scientifiche che rappresentano le linee di ricerca e le attività di professori e ricercatori afferenti al dipartimento, scelte da ognuno di essi e visibili anche nelle pagine personali: è possibile che vi siano titoli duplicati.

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Laghi Fiorenzo Professore ordinario - I fascia PDF icon Pubblicazioni Prof. Fiorenzo Laghi, PDF icon Publications Prof. Fiorenzo Laghi

Laghi F., Bianchi D., Pompili S., Lonigro A., Baiocco R. (2019). Emotion regulation and alcohol abuse in second generation immigrant adolescents: The protective role of cognitive reappraisal. Journal of Health Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/1359105318820715

Laghi F., Lonigro A., Pallini S., Baiocco R. (2018). Emotion regulation and empathy: which relation with social conduct? Journal of Genetic Psychology, 179,2,62-70. DOI: 

Laghi F., Lonigro A., Pallini S., Gradilone A., Bechini A., Marziano G., Baiocco R. (2018). Sibling relationships and family functioning in siblings of early adolescents, adolescents and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 27, 793-801.DOI: 10.1007/s10826-017-0921-3 

Laghi F., Bianchi D., Pompili S., Lonigro A., Baiocco R. (2019). Cognitive and affective empathy in binge drinking adolescents: Does empathy moderate the effect of self-efficacy in resisting peer pressure at drinking? Addictive Behaviors, 89, 229-235. DOI:

Laghi F., Bianchi D., Pompili S., Lonigro A., Baiocco R. (2018). Metacognition, emotional functioning and binge eating in adolescence: The moderation role of need to control thoughts. Eating and Weight Disorders.DOI: 10.1007/s40519-018-0603-1

Lauriola Marco Professore associato - II fascia Non inserito Non inserite
Leone Luigi Professore ordinario - I fascia PDF icon lista pubblicazione 1995-2016.pdf

Leone, L., Desimoni, M., Chirumbolo, A.Interest and expertise moderate the relationship between right-wing attitudes, ideological self-placement and voting(2014) European Journal of Personality, 28 (1), pp. 2-13.  

Livi Stefano Professore associato - II fascia Non inserito

Livi , S., Theodorou, A., Rullo, M., Cinque, L., & Alessandri, G. (2018). The rocky road to prosocial behavior at work: The role of positivity and organizational socialization in preventing interpersonal strain. PloS one, 13(3), e0193508.


Mazzuca, S., Kafetsios, K., Livi, S., & Presaghi, F. (2018). Emotion regulation and satisfaction in long-term marital relationships: The role of emotional contagion. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 0265407518804452.

Livi, Stefano, et al. "Motivated Shield From Chronic Noise Environment: Moderation of the Relationship Between Noise Sensitivity and Work Wellbeing by Need for Closure." Frontiers in Psychology 9 (2018).

Farnese, M. L., Livi, S., Barbieri, B., & Schalk, R. (2018). “You Can See How Things Will End by the Way They Begin”: The Contribution of Early Mutual Obligations for the Development of the Psychological Contract. Frontiers in psychology, 9.


Farnese, M. L., Bellò, B., Livi, S., Barbieri, B., & Gubbiotti, P. (2016). Learning the ropes: The protective role of mentoring in correctional police officers’ socialization process. Military Psychology, 28(6), 429-447.

Lucidi Fabio Professore ordinario - I fascia Non inserito

Lombardo C., Battagliese G., Lucidi F., Violani C. Validity of a Figure Rating Scale for Italian school-aged children. EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS (In Press);  

Grano C.,, Bucci S., Aminoff D., Lucidi F., Violani. Quality of life in children and adolescents with anorectal malformation. PEDIATRIC SURGERY INTERNATIONAL (2013) 29:925–930

Affinita A, Catalani L, Cecchetto G, De Lorenzo G, Dilillo D, Donegani G, Fransos L, Lucidi F, Mameli C, Manna E, Marconi P, Mele G, Minestroni L, Montanari M, Morcellini M, Rovera G, Rotilio G, Sachet M, Zuccotti GV. Breakfast: a multidisciplinary approach. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS (2013) 10;39 (1):44.

  Lucidi F., Mallia. L., Violani C., Giustiniani G., Persia, L., The contribution of sleep-related risk factors on diurnal car accidents. ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION., (2012)

Pisanti R., Lombardo C., Lucidi F.,Violani C., Lazzari D. Psychometric properties of the Maslach Burnout Inventory for Human Services among Italian nurses: a test of alternative models. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING. (2012) 69(3), 697–707

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